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How Much Do Inground Pools Cost?

Posted by Frank DeBartolo on Mar 20, 2020 2:46:24 PM
Frank DeBartolo

If you where to type "what is the cost of an inground swimming pool" into google. You would come across an overwhelming amount of answers.

The process of purchasing a swimming pools is very similar to building a brand new home or even buying a new car. The styles of pools vary, the options are never ending and each pool contractor has different pool packages and products, just as a house or a new car.

So when I set out to write this article, I wanted to make it a point to lay down as much information as I possibly could while pairing into an installation package. Alright, I do want to point out, just like a house or even a car the price does vary. Depending on region, type of pool / product and which builder you choose. So relative to the region I live in, which is the midwest portion of the US, in particular, we build swimming pools in Northwest Indiana and portions of the Chicago land. My price ranges will be relative to my area! By the way I do know for a fact that midwest prices can be very similar to other regions in the country. Please dont think that this article will not help you out if you do not live in this region.

What types of in ground swimming pools does Royal Pools and More install?

The types of swimming pools we install are fiberglass and vinyl liner.  The products I use will be listed out with size and brand as they are in our "pool package."  I know that purchasing a swimming pool is a very overwhelming process. It is my goal to lay out a real life pool package for you paired with different styles of pools, to give you the most transparent answer I possibly could.  Instead of you getting caught up on the web spinning in circles dying to find answers. Lets dive in!

What is included in your pool installation package?

To get as close as possible to an actual cost of a swimming pool. First you have to know exactly what your getting within the contractors package. So, just as an example of what you might find in the midwest or maybe somewhere els, here is ours!

Swimming Pool Equipment

  • 1 HP Jandy Flo Pro Pump
  • 340 SQFT Jandy CV 340 Cartridge filter
  • 260,000 B.T.U. Jandy JXi Pool Heater
  • Nature 2 In-line Chlorine and Mineral Feeder
  • 7 Color L.E.D. LightAutomatic Pool Timer
  • $1500.00 electrical Allowance for wiring up pool equipment
  • $600.00 gas allowance for plumbing gas or propane heater

Swimming Pool Plumbing

All plumbing will be in 1-1/2" SCHD 40 PVC, unless the pool equipment calls for 2"The swimming pool will be equipt with:1-2 skimmers depending on pool size

2 VGB compliant main drains2-3 pool returns, depending on the size of the pool 

Concrete decking around the pool 

All of our swimming pools have 4' of concrete decking included in the package.  All of the swimming pools will also include handrails. A ladder is included if the pool depth is atleast 8'.

Due to our installation techniques we do require a minimum of 2' of conrete on each side of the swimming pool. 

Pool Cover

  • All swimming pools will have a manual, mesh winter pool cover.
  • Pool Maintenance Tools
  • 8' - 16' Telescopic Pole
  • Vacuum Head
  • Pool Brush
  • Leaf Net
  • Leaf Rake
  • Vacuum Hose
  • Thermometer
  • Standard water test kit

Excavation for the pool 

All excavation and dirt removal is included in the pool package. We do ask that homeowners help Royal Pools and More find a location to dump dirt, if we do not have one already. 

De-watering System

All swimming pools will also include a dry pit to remove water from around the swimming pool.

Training/ Tutorials

All customers will recieve:

One on one mechanincal training on all pool equipment

One on one chemical training

Supplied one mechanical and chemical training manual.


All swimming pools will have a 1 year warranty on labor and workmanship. Royal Pools and More also offers a FREE 5 year warranty if you choose to have us open and close your swimming pool for 5 consecutive years.   

Click here for Royal Pools and More 5 year warranty on Labor and Workmanship

Click here for River Pools Powered By Thursday Pools warranty

Click here for Zodiac Pool Systems warranty information 

What types of swimming pools do you install?

Well, now that you know what is included in our pool installation package. Its time to go over what styles of pools we install. Royal Pools and More installs fiberglass and vinyl liner swimming pools, unfortumately we do not install concrete/ gunite swimming pools.  This is not because we do not like them. Because for the right person a concrete pool can be absolutely stunning and an awesome fit! We simply have not put them into our business plan due to the fact that in Nothwest IN they are not to popular of an option. Since they can be a more popular option in the Chicago land area, if you are looking for a concrete / gunite swimming pool, let us know we can definetly refer you to some top notch concrete pool contractors in the area.

What is the cost of fiberglass and vinyl liner swimming pools?

Ok, hopefully I have set the stage for you by giving you as much information as possible about our swimming pool package!Fiberglass Swimming Pool Cost Fiberglass pools are categorized into three very basic sizes, small, medium and thats right, you guessed it large! :) One thing to remeber when we are talking about the dimensions on a fiberglass pool. Noted dimensions are "outside dimensions" so it is in your best interest to take off about 1' on the lenth and the width of the pool to roughly get "inside dimensions."

Small fiberglass pools with in our package average around -$36,000.00 - $40,000.00

Ranging in size from about 10' x 20' up to about 13' x 27'.

Medium fiberglass pools with in our package average around - $40,000.00 - $50,000.00

Ranging in size from 13' x 28' up to about 16' x 32'

Large fiberglass pools with in our package average around - $50,000.00 - $60,000.00

Ranging in size from 16' x 33' up to about 16' x 41' 

Why do the pool prices have such a wide price range?

This is a common question that I do get alot and simply put, the pool shapes and designs range so much. It can change the amount of fiberglass that is put on the pool, which increases the price. Also some of the pools do have spas built into them and that causes a price increase as well.

Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool Cost

For the sake of this article I am going to catergorize the vinyl liner pools the same way as I did for the fiberglass: Small, Medium and Large.  Also I want you to note that all of the price ranges for the vinyl liner pools will be in rectangular or oval shape with thermoplastic stairs. It is impossible to match design to design for exact cost comparison.

Small vinyl liner pools with in our pool package average around: $26,000.00 - $29,000.00

Ranging in size from 12' x 24' up to 14' x 28'

Medium vinyl liner pools with in our pool package average around:  $30,000.00 - $34,000.00

Ranging in size from 15' x 30' up to 16' x 36'

Large vinyl liner pools with in our pool package average around: $35,000.00 - $40,000.00

Ranging in size from 18' x 36' up to 20' x 44'

So there it is guys, the cost of an inground pool with-in a realistic package. Like I said before purchasing an inground swimming pool is very overwhelming. I just hope this helps you along on your in ground pool buyers journey!

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