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Fiberglass Pool Designs

Fiberglass Pools have quickly become the most popular pool in the industry! Pool builders and customers alike are recognizing fiberglass for its strength, luxurious finish and unique designs!

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With over 35 years of creating fiberglass products, Thursday Pools has one of the best fiberglass pool line-ups in the ENTIRE swimming pool industry! With their handcrafted cutting edge designs, Thursday pools has pushed the boundaries for pool designs and raised the bar for standards. Pool builders and industry professionals have recognized Thursday Pools as the new leader in the fiberglass world! 

Popular Pool Shapes

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Family Choice


12' x 25' (Coming Soon) | 14' X 30'

Built with style in mind, the Aspen is a luxurious tanning ledge based pool! Bask in the sun all day then simply slip into the deep end, to cool off under the water! Sleek curvature in the tanning ledge and stairs make this one the best looking pools and one of our most popular sellers!

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14' x 33'5"

A classic double roman ended pool with sleek stairs and a deep end bench to relax!

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Cathedral LX

16' x 36' 5'8" | 16' x 40' 6'

The Cathedral LX is the most luxurious double roman ended pool in the industry! With all of the amazing features of the Cathedral but with a stunning tanning ledge!

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16' x 40' 6'

Cortona, the world's first and only sunken living area fiberglass pool! If a sunken living room isn't what you are looking for change it into a fire pit or even a hot tub! Thursday Pools has upped their game again with Cortona!

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Family Choice


16' x 33' 6' | 16' x 37' 6'4"

This pool is everything a "swimmers" pool needs! Beautiful corner steps, full swimming lane down the middle, and then finished with benches to rest and relax!

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Grace Beach Entry

14' x 36' 5'8" | 16' x 36' 5'8"

Inspired from the Aspen pool combined with a beach! Welcome, Grace! The world's first fiberglass beach entry pool where you can tan or play with the little ones with style!

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Family Choice

Lil Bob

13.5′ x 27.5′ 4’6″

Lil Bob is a top seller! This pool has a grand full-width staircase, long side benches for relaxing, and a single depth for all swimmers!

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Lil Bob LX

13.5′ x 35.5′ 4’6″

Lil Bob is all grown up and the top of luxury! LX has all the features of the Lil Bob with the added luxury of a split depth play ledge/ tan ledge!

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Family Choice


16' x 40' 8'6"

They don't come any larger than this in the fiberglass pool world! With the depth for a diver the Monolith also has corner entry steps with a bench and two mini exits on the deep end.

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15' x 25' 3'9"

A loungers paradise! Scalloped seating allows you to turn this "pearl" into a relaxing swim spa!

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Sandal Beach Entry

16' x 34.5' 5'8" | 16' x 39' 6'

If rectangular shaped pools arent your thing then say hello to the Sandal! The world's first shaped beach entry fiberglass swimming pool!

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Sea Turtle

9.5' x 19.5' 4'6"

A petite pool that packs a punch!

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9' x 9' 3'2"

Relax! Do we need to say anything else!

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13.5' x 40' 4'6"

This pool is definitely a "Free" Spirit! Position this pool any direction in your yard and you will have an entrance point and ample seating!

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Sun Day

15' x 30' 5'3" | 16' x 34.5' 5'8"

A beautiful free form fiberglass pool with nothing but swim space!

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12' x 26' 5'5" | 14′ x 33′ 5’10”

The Titus is shaped but not too much! Without the look of a rectangle but maximizing swim space as much as possible for a free-formed pool!

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Wading Pool

9' x 9' 1'6" | 13.5' x 11.5' 1'6"

This is the ultimate playground for the kiddos. The uniform depth throughout allows for easy play without the worries of...

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16' x 36' 5'10" | 16′ x 40′ 5'10"

The ultimately shaped fiberglass pool with so much usable swim space!

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Wet Deck

14' x 8' 1'

A classic deck with the look of a Roman end! This wet deck is perfect for separating swimmers from loungers!

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