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16' x 40' 6'

The Cortona Sunken Living Area

Cortona, the world's first and only sunken living area fiberglass pool! Maybe you don't want to have a sunken living room, you can also go with a hot tub or maybe a swim up pool bar! Once again Thursday Pools has out done themselves now offering Cortona with different party accessories, add on a tan ledge top 

Available Sizes

16' x 40' 6'


Available Features

Sunken Living Room

In-pool living takes on a whole new meaning when you can sit surrounded by sparkling pool water without getting wet. Add a table for guests to enjoy cards, cocktails, or…

Swim-Up Bar

Bring resort-style luxury to any backyard with a swim-up bar. Your pool parties will be legendary, and you’ll enjoy the convenience of grabbing a cold beverage without ever leaving the…


For a fabulous experience, opt for a sunken spa and alternate between warm, relaxing jets and refreshing, cool water.

Tanning Platform

Top your sunken living area with a tanning platform. It’s the perfect perch for soaking up some rays and keeping an eye on the kiddos while they swim.


Top your sunken living area with a putting green. Practice your short game and putter away the afternoon poolside.

Specifications and Innovations

Royal Pools and More uses the Backfill Eliminator on all of our Thursday Pool "tanning ledge" style pools!


16' x 40'  Depth 6' 


Left and Right entrance stairs attached to sunken area!

Special Features 

This entire pool is one gigantic special feature! Turn your sunken area into what ever you dream it to be! Sunken Living room, swim up bar or even a spa! 

Top it off with: 

  • tanning ledge or a putting green! 
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Available Colors


Caribbean Sparkle






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