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Frank DeBartolo

Sales / Marketing 

Favorite Food: Anything Mexican

Weird Quirk: I have to know how and why things work. It drive me crazy if I don't know! 

Favorite TV Show: Breaking Bad and Walking Dead annnnnnnd How I Met Your Mother!!

I have a beautiful wife named Kara, and two wonderfull children name Liam (4) and Brianna (2). I am obssed with teaching and learning new things. 

Swimming Pool Skills: Installation, Service, Maintenance, CPO, Chemical Expert, and River Certified installer!

Brian DeBartolo

Construction: Project Manager

Favorite Food: Pizza

Weird Quirk: I like to make funny parodies on popular songs LOL!!!

Favorite TV Show: How I Met Your Mother

I am 28 years old I love whirly ball, hanging out with friends and generally just having a good time! I am the biggest Hawks and Cubs fan you will ever meet!

Swimming Pool Skills: Excavation, Installation, River Certified Builder!



David "The Rave" Gatlin

Service Team 

Favorite Food: Angel Hair Pasta with Alfredo Sauce with Peas and Bacon

Weird Quirk: OCD about washing hands!

Favorite TV Show: Futurama, Bobs Burgers, Mankey Thieves, Animaniacs

Something some doesnt know about you: I can whistle!

I am partially deaf so speak up!!!! But I know how to laugh about it, and I dont let it slow me down! I love working on things with my hands, hence the service department at Royal Pools and More! 

Eloy Gomez

New Pool Construction

Favorite Food: Pizza and Italian Beef

Weird Quirk: I like ketchup on all of my food!

Favorite TV Show: Cops, Street Outlaws, Law and Order NCIS

I am an outgoing person who loves to laugh! I have a beautiful wife, with four amazing children! I love to work hard and learn new things! 



Frank Sansone

New Pool Construction

Favorite Food: Pasta

Favorite TV Show: The Walking Dead

Weird Quirk: I am kind of O.C.D.

I pride myself on hard work! I am always looking for something to do! I also love to eat healthy and work out!

Greg Thompson

Service Team 

Favorite Food: Steak 

Weird Quirk: Very detail oriented

Favorite TV Show: Knight Rider

I love spending time with neices and riding my motorcycle. I have been servicing swimming pools for 10 years



Jennifer Hill

Retail Associate

Favorite Food: Mac and Cheese

Weird Quirk: I absolutely do not let my food touch other food! LOL

Favorite TV Show: Empire

I have a wonderful boyfriend named Darius. My 8 year old pitbul Spot is like our little child! I am a former gymnast, swimmer, diver, dancer and I am a liscensed insurance agent!


Liz Dahms

Retail Associate 

Favorite Food: Pizza 

Weird Quirk: O.C.D.

Favorite TV show: Blue Bloods

I have a 93 year old mother who I take care of. I am single with no chilren. I love the summer so Royal Pools is the perfect job! I also love being out doors and love to workout by walking! 



Teirney Burke

Retail Associate

Favorite Food: Spaghetti 

Weird Quirk: I dont let my food touch. I also dont eat leftovers

Favorite TV Show: Real Houswives, Heros

I am engaged and a mom of two amazing children. I love spending time with my friends and family. I also love being outdoors playing with my kids. 


Tommy Smith

New Pool Construction 

Favorite Food: Steak Tacos

Favorite TV Show: Street Outlaws

Fun Fact: I am 6" taller than anyone in my family

I am a fun spirited person that loves to make people laugh! I have a passion for rebuilding cars, I have 2 dogs that I love as my kids.