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Looking for a new inground swimming pool in Indiana or Illinois?

As installers of the highest quality swimming pools in Northwest Indiana and Chicago land!

We welcome you to our website!

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How much does an inground pool cost?
Fiberglass vs Vinyl

Check Out Our Fiberglass Shapes!

  • Cathedral-Fiberglass-Pool-Picture-specs
  • Greco-Fiberglass-Pool-Picture-Specs
  • Goliath-Fiberglass-Pool-Picture-Specs
  • Infinity-Fiberglass-Pool-Picture-Spec-
  • Lil-Bob-Fiberglass-Pool-Picture-Specs
  • Monolith-Fiberglass-Pool-Picture-Specs
  • Oasis-Fiberglass-Pool-Picture-Specs
  • Pearl-Fiberglass-Pool-Picture-Specs
  • Sea-Turtle-Fiberglass-Pool-Picture-Specs
  • Spirit-Fiberglass-Pool-Picture-Specs
  • Titus-Fiberglass-Pool-Picture-Specs
  • Wellspring-Fiberglass-Pool-Picture-Specs
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Check Out Our Vinyl Shapes!

  • Double-Roman-Vinyl-Liner-Pool-Picture-Spec
  • Figure-Eight-Vinyl-Liner-Pool-Picture-Spec
  • Grecian-Vinyl-Liner-Pool-Picture-Specs
  • Grecian-Lazy-L-Vinyl-Liner-Pool-Picture-Spec
  • Grecian-True-L-Vinyl-Liner-Pool-Picture-Specs
  • Lap-Pool-Vinyl-Liner-Pool-Picture-Spec
  • Oval-Vinyl-Liner-Pool-Picture-Specs
  • Monaco-Vinyl-Liner-Pool-Picture-Spec
  • Octagon-Vinyl-Liner-Pool-Picture-Specs
  • Riviera-Vinyl-Liner-Pool-Picture-Spec
  • Partician-Vinyl-Liner-Pool-Picture-Spec
  • Rectangle-Vinyl-Liner-Pool-Picture-Specs
  • True-L-Vinyl-Liner-Pool-Picture-Specs
  • Single-Roman-Vinyl-Liner-Pool-Picture-Spec
  • Straight-Kidney-Vinyl-Liner-Pool-Picture-Spec
  • Lazy-L-Vinyl-Liner-Pool-Picture-Spec
"Royal Pools and More installed our in ground fiber glass pool with an efficient and professional manner. The service was superior and the staff as well as the crew were friendly and helpful. Anyone looking for a high quality product with second to none service should contact Royal Pools and More!"
~ Patrick C
"SUCH a great company to work with. Every single person goes above and beyond to make things as easy as possible, which was so helpful with us being new pool owners. They came out and answered every question we had as well as helping with every part of maintaining our pool. We are so grateful for Frank and the entire Royal Pools team! I would absolutely recommend them to anyone who wants to receive extraordinary service."
~ Michelle M
"I've had my pool installed and maintained by Royal Pools since 2010. I have never had any problem or complaint. I had a light go bad and the owner personally handled it. He didn't make wait until one of his service technicians was available.
I'm very satisfied with them, I look forward to see them when they open and close my pool.
~ Nick H

"I decided to use Royal because they made me feel the most comfortable overall while looking for a company to use. Family owned and operated, and I was looking for a company with regular business in Crown Point, Royal showed me they are very trustworthy and a hard working company. Royal walked me through the process step my step, and addressed every question I could come up with. A dependable group with great follow up we were able to hit our target date, as well as be able to do put in a custom vinyl liner pool the way that we had hoped, and it all turned out great."

~ Joel B., Crown Point, IN